Trust Jacker Review



UPDATE: Trust Jacker is no longer functional. The best alternative is Jack Jacker Plugin! Similar Idea – Much Better Results! Watch video below to learn more about its functionality:



Trust Jacker (TJ) is the best copy and paste system available! Seriously, it only involves 3 simple steps to start profiting (scroll down for detailed step-by-step instructions).


1. Copy and Paste URL of an article into TJ
2. Copy and Paste URL of a CPA/Affiliate offer into TJ
3. Share your trust jacking link anywhere you want – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Other Social Media Sites, Forums…


If you are tired of old money making methods, or if you are tired of wresting with Google, doing SEO, building endless backlinks, making blogs, writing content or paying for traffic, then Trustjacker software is just what you need!




trust jacker menuTrust Jacker WordPress plugin is based on the idea of taking credibility, authority and trust of others to promote CPAs, affiliate offers and your products. More information on trust jacking concept can be found IN THIS ARTICLE.


Since Trust Jacker is a WordPress plugin, you will need to have a WordPress blog where you can set it up and hosting. The installation is really easy. You follow the same steps as you would when installing any other plugin. After the installation, you can start making trust jacking links right away.




The best way to review this plugin is to give you an example. I bought Trust Jacker and as a matter of fact I have it installed on this blog as well to give you an example. To give you an idea of how it works I have divided the process of setting up your first campaign into 5 simple steps.




I go out and find an article about search engine optimization on The URL of the article is




I take the URL and paste it into my Trust Jacker software.




I go to a CPA network or Clickbank and find an offer that matches the contents of the article. For example, I want to promote Bring The Fresh – a popular SEO course. I get my affiliate link for the offer and post the URL into Trust Jacker.




I give my campaign a name, for example “SEO Tips” and set custom trust jacking URL. It would be something like this (wait about 5 seconds to see what happens next…).




I go to my Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Digg, Delicious, Stumble Upon accounts and share the link there. And that’s it, congratulations! You are done!


Basically this is what’s going to happen. People who click on the link will be sent to a URL on my site, in this case But instead of the article on my blog, they will see Search Engine Watch’s article displayed in its exact form. Assuming that I set the pop up to display on exit, when people will try to leave the page, the pop up will come up showing my CPA offer. So basically they will think that the pop up offer came from and not from me. The link can be shared unlimited number of times.




Trust Jacker has some cool build in features that will put you in a complete control over your pop up. It lets you set up timing for a pop up, that said, you can set it to come up immediately, after 3, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 seconds or on the exit. You can also set the size of the pop up. But the coolest feature I think is the ability to create custom pop ups. This way you can put in a custom banner or a video into a pop up, or my favorite – an opt-in form. Now I think having an opt-in form on CNN or Times magazine is really cool.


Once the campaign is set up, the trustjacking link can be easily shared on 7 most popular social networks using build in share buttons or you can share your link manually anywhere you like. Trust Jacker also tracks unique and total hits to the link, so you can see how well your campaign is performing.




Trust Jacker has 1 small downside which is actually not a big deal. This plugin can’t work on sites that have framebuster script build into them. An example of such websites would be and But again having a random pop up on either of these websites would look suspicious. If you can’t make your pop up work on one website, you can always find the same information on another website, so like I said it’s not a big deal.




Trust Jacker is available for just $39.95! This is the best deal yet if you compare it to previous pricing when the software was first introduced on WF (at that time the price ranged from $47 to $197!!!). By buying it today you are saving a ton of money!




After buying a plugin, you will be offered to join a mastermind Facebook group. I joined it and let me tell you why. First of all, you can connect with people that do exactly the same thing you do. People in the group are very open and I have got tons of ideas on how to promote my trust jacking links from fellow members. Second, when you join a mastermind, you will get access to extra training provided. The training is great and I have learned tons of things. All of it is focused on how to drive lots of traffic to your trust jacker links.


Trust Jacker has been originally launched as a WSO on Warrior Forum and JVZOO, and since has sold thousands of copies. Now it’s available once again but this time on Clickbank.




Creators of Trust Jacker and Customer Testimonials

2 genius minds behind this awesome plugin are Rob Jones ( and Gerry Cramer ( Both are successful internet marketers and experts in their fields. Rob Jones is more of a conversion guy, he doesn’t care as much about the amount of traffic he gets as he cares about the conversion rate on whatever he has to offer. Gerry Cramer is more of a traffic guy, he can get as much traffic as you can’t even imagine. The bottom line is that both of them are experts at what they do and Trust Jacker proves that.


The real genius behind trust jacking idea is Gerry. He always has at least 2-5 products in production and another 30+ in starting stages. He is the one who came to Rob with the idea of making software. Why did he come up to Rob and not anyone else? Simply because he knew that Rob is the guy to go to when it comes down to getting quality traffic for an offer. This plugin has 5000+ copies sold, that I can assure you of. There is no doubt that it will sell 1000s more as more and more people find out about this amazing idea.


I never knew or heard of Gerry Cramer before this product, but I’ve heard of Rob Jones. He is a part of the same internet marketing training program and just reading through his posts makes you realize how much useful knowledge he has. Now that I learned a little something about Gerry Cramer I can tell you that he has a brilliant internet marketing mind.


Here are just some of testimonials of satisfied customers and success stories (already!).


They did it! You can do it too! If you had any success with Trust Jacker already, new customers and me would love to hear it. Please post your story in the comment section. Thank you for your contribution!